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3d visualisations

Animated walkthroughs for planned projects.


We work closely with our clients, their brand agencies, architects, design teams and/or shop fit teams to work on creating detailed and meaningful pre-works documentation and presentations all designed to help with decision-making and selling creative aspirations to stakeholders within their business.

Often the first steps in any large-scale project are those early forays into the world of conceptualisation. No one, be they on the client or agency side of a project wants to get six weeks in only to realise the initial aims were way off target and a full redo is required. That’s why, be it storyboarding a short piece of film, producing hand-drawn coloured sketches of content elements or even producing a full motion 3D fly-through of retail spaces with mocked-up content on a screen, conceptualisation is a huge part of what our studio team do here at Pixel.

As an example, we worked alongside Selfridges on their brand new beauty fashion hall at Manchester’s Trafford Centre. This project included the supply and installation of 23 8-screen, dual-sided digital totems. With such a high level of digitisation, the client wanted a mechanism for ensuring the final look and feel of the beauty hall would be as desired. Our studio team set about creating a 3D render of the space based on design plans, adding all 23 totems, with their own brand-specific content playing on them. We then created a fly-through of this space, travelling a number of routes around the space giving a true-view impression of how it would feel to be a shopper in this space.

We’ve done similar 3D renders and animated fly-throughs for the likes of Halifax Bank, Thomas Cook and Leeds University. We find this approach is an ideal way to add more realism at the planning stages of projects and gives as close an impression of any new retail /corporate space and design as it’s possible to get without wearing a VR headset ( not exactly an experience that is easy to share across a business ).​


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