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Bringing to life logos, typography and characters.


Our studio team includes a number of character animators who work alongside some of our best-known clients to bring their brand assets, characters and even fonts to life.

Good animation serves two primary purposes in a digital signage context:


Creating motion – which helps draw attention


Producing an emotive response – which makes communication more memorable. 

Understanding the unique approaches required to achieve both these goals is key to crafting animation that is efficient in impacting viewer behaviours.

Pixel’s expert team has the skills and tools required to take on any animation project. Sometimes, the animation projects we work on will be a simple case of making a piece of text move in an eye-catching way, other times we  create a whole library of bespoke animated shorts, exploring the use of a brand logo to showcase key characteristics of the brand’s personality.

The above video was one of our favourite animation projects and involved the creation of a series of content loops for shelf edge displays at Lego in the Trafford Centre.

If you have an upcoming animation project you would like our experts to help with, get in touch today,


Speak to one of our Animation experts today

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