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digital Aisle fins

Maximise your in-store digital signage estate with our unique solution

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digital aisle fins attract shopper attention, drive traffic down the aisle and engage customers close to the point of purchase.

Double-sided Digital Aisle Fins, or bus stops as they are also known, capture customer attention while travelling within the product department to drive them to your product by use captivating visuals and motions graphics.

  • Attracts attention and engages 

  • Drives footfall down the aisle 

  • Offers brand stand-out

  • Close to point of purchase 

  • Allows store-by-store messaging

  • Drives sales

  • Fast updating of promotional content




More likely to view than static signage thanks to movement

More likely to notice versus static signage and labels

Longer viewing time

A solution that is unique to Pixel, we can provide everything you need to procure, install, manage and support your Digital Aisle Fin, and work closely with clients to ensure that their displays are performing to their best abilities by providing creative content production services to suit.


Through connection to data pools and a specialist approach to conditional content playback, we can update promotional messaging automatically determined by  - weather conditions, stock situations or even the audience profile at that time. These displays can also collect valuable audience data from which advertising strategies can be shaped.


the Benefits


Digital displays can also be integrated to work with dynamic QR codes, connecting shoppers to coupons, loyalty schemes and competitions, joining up the in-store and online customer journey.

Like all of our solutions, they’re backed by our 24/7 remote monitoring and support service and can be integrated with content management platforms for automation and remote management by us, or you. What's more we can even design the content that you want to be displayed, thanks to our talented creative production team.

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