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digital shelf edge displays

Target your messages within inches of the product.


With digital shelf edge displays, you have the capability to target your messages within inches of the product itself.

It’s widely known that promotional messaging becomes more effective the closer it is to the point of decision and at Pixel, we provide everything you need to procure, install, manage and support your digital shelf edge display network.

Until now, digital shelf edge promotion has been limited by technology, with displays either being too large to fit into the space provided by a typical shelf, too limited in their graphical and animation capabilities or lacking in intelligence. Our solution overcomes all of these traditional issues to provide truly effective retail shelf edge communication and promotion.




Digital shelf edge displays are available in a range of sizes, resolution, and core technology options. The messaging is controlled via a remote management system, allowing real-time updates, and can be automatically configured by data feeds, such as those from your existing EPOS and Planogram systems.

Available in LCD backlit, direct LED or solutions suitable for use inside chillers.

Let our talented Content Production team design show stopping visuals that ensure your displays are preforming to their best potential and look as good as everything else in your marketing portfolio. Our Managed Service saves you time, by allowing us to remotely manage your network and content scheduling. And with Pixel, all displays and their interdependent systems can be monitored 24/7 by our dedicated support desk team.  Now that's what we call a turnkey solution.

View our Digital Shelf Edge Clients here.

  • Point of Purchase conversion

  • Promote key products

  • Real time updates of pricing and promotions

  • Influence purchasing decisions

  • Reduce cost and time versus paper ticketing

  • Enhance customer experience

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