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Restaurants - in-store digital media - Harry Ramsden blackpool launch

Harry Ramsden

Award winning digital media solutions and content at Blackpool Tower flagship restaurant

Harry Ramsden's is a restaurant operator offering fish and chips and assorted themed dishes, laying claim to being Britain's longest established restaurant chain.

the challenge

We were approached by CDS Wilman who had been commissioned by the client to design and fit-out their new restaurant at the base of the famous Blackpool Tower. As the flagship of the Harry Ramsden’s estate, we were tasked with delivering a digital media experience that totally integrated with the design of the space, enhanced the customer experience and provided real wow factor.

Our Approach

We worked closely with CDS Wilman and the client’s delivery team to conceptualise and design several digital elements for their amazing space. They included:

  • A 21 metre long, curved LED display, acting as a central focal point, following the lines of the bar and seating area, with unique content designed and produced to capitalise on the eye-catching form-factor

  • A free-hanging LED halo display, positioned above the dance floor area, content synchronised to the curved display for maximum impact.

  • A digital photo-booth, allowing customers to capture their visit and share their image to the restaurant social-wall along with their personal email address.

  • A social media wall - displaying the latest moderated content from official Twitter accounts and selected hashtag searches.

  • A unique shape, 16 screen video wall at the stage area, with bespoke content playlist detailing the history of the Blackpool Tower coupled with family friendly jokes and facts delivered by a 3D modelled ‘Harry the Haddock’.

  • An entrance video wall.

  • Fully integrated background music system.

  • Staff control over local event messaging, allowing the normal content playlists across the restaurant to be interrupted with synchronised announcements for special occasions such as customer birthdays and events

The Outcome

The restaurant opened to universal acclaim and has subsequently won us several awards for its digital execution. We’re incredibly proud to have been involved in this project and it provides a real showcase of what’s possible when digital solutions with unique content design and production are considered from the very outset of a project. The full solution is, as always, fully managed by our remote support team, with on-site out of hours on-site support backup from our mobile engineers.


If you would like to know more about this project or have your own upcoming digital solutions project, why not get in touch with us today. We’d love to hear from you!

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