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Ahead of the Curve: Digital Aisle Fins

It’s no breaking news, we all know the retail landscape and shopper behaviours are changing. The pandemic has undoubtedly widened the gap and accelerated the need for digital transformation to take place and allow brick and mortar retailers to better serve their customers and provide a more enhanced customer experience.

With new innovative technologies, it's now possible for retailers to maximise their digital estates and offer advertising space to partner brands, close to the point of purchase and in a highly engaging way, with the key aim of driving sales.

Point of Purchase Advertising It won’t be long until you can enter any retail environment and experience point of purchase advertising. It’s effective, engaging and produces impressive results.

By taking a closer look at how consumers navigate stores and make purchasing decisions, retailers can focus on improving their digital estate and merchandising equipment in the locations that will prove the greatest ROI.

Point of purchase digital advertising has proven to return higher conversions when compared to static signage because of its animation capabilities, which are eye-catching, engaging, and interchangeable.

Not only that, point of purchase advertising can also be a far more effective use of advertising spend for FMCG brands when compared to online ad space - Would you really stick your coat on to go and grab that box of coffee pods you just saw through online advertising? Highly unlikely. Would you put that coffee in your trolley if you were stood in front of a moving advert showing you a rich, steaming cup of the good stuff with the pods right there? We think we’ve made our point.

What it Means for You & Your Partners

Digital Aisle Fins, or Bus Stops, draw customers down the aisle, enticing them to enter the product department by exciting them, put a partner brand’s messaging in front of them, and giving that brand stand out against its competitors, without damaging your own brand.

In the know

The beauty of digital advertising is that it’s backed by reams and reams of data. This means once you understand your shopper profiles and segments, you will be able to offer advertising space that comes with intelligence, knowing where and when your customers engage, and promoting relevant products, timely promotions, and own-brand takeovers accordingly. If you want to know more about audience analytics and how to advertise to particular inferred personality traits , read our earlier blog 'How predictable are you?'.

Benefits of Digital Fins

  • Attracts attention and engages those who might otherwise not have

  • Drives footfall down the aisle

  • Improves in-store experience

  • Drives sales

  • Store-by-store messaging (talk to your audience how they are most likely to engage based on different demographics)

Performance of Digital Signage

  • 2 x more likely to view thanks to movement

  • 39% more likely to notice versus static signage and labels

  • 60% longer viewing time

Functionality of Digital Fins

  • Protrudes out from the shelf into the aisle

  • Allows angled displays, proven to grab approaching shopper attention

  • LCD or LED displays that are sufficiently dense enough in pixels to display text and images

  • Quick updating of content (average print and roll out of static signage campaigns 4-6 weeks)

Digital displays in general have an extensive range of capabilities, far beyond that of static signage. Conditional content playback through connection to data pools can update your displays according to weather events, stock situations, the queue length or even the audience profile. They can save you time and money whilst also collecting valuable audience data, from which you can shape informed advertising strategies.

Digital displays can also be integrated to work with dynamic QR codes, connecting shoppers to coupons, loyalty schemes and competitions, joining up your in-store and online customer journey.

Here at Pixel, we are more than a digital signage installer. We offer consultation, content creation, managed services, and dedicated support, all built on years of working with the biggest names on the high street, and we’d love to include you in that too.

If you would like to discuss Digital Fins or any other form of digital media and infrastructure within the retail sector, contact one of our friendly, knowledge experts today. Alternatively FIND OUT MORE ABOUT DIGITAL AISLE FINS HERE.


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