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Allergic Reactions: Are Digital Menu Boards a Prevention?

In the UK each year, 5000 people who live with food allergies require hospital treatment for severe allergic reactions. Food allergy is a serious and growing public health issue with a dramatic increase in allergic diseases in recent years.

If you run or own a QSR or fast-food business, you are required by law, to provide allergen information about the food you sell, by clearly declaring to your customers, the presence of any of the 14 major food allergens.

Unlike pre-packed food products, vendors of non-prepacked foods have struggled to find an effective way to communicate allergen information information in a cost effective and efficient manner. A problem which if ignored, could have serious repercussions.

With food allergies on the rise, evidence has shown that providing the necessary information can instil brand confidence and loyalty, with 59% of people living with food allergies visiting the same food outlet again and again, if they have eaten there safely before.

The most effective and informative method of conveying allergen information to your customers in a way that is easily seen and quickly updatable, is the use of Digital Menu Boards.

Displaying clear and concise information using digital menu boards helps ensure that customers with food allergies can see at a glance, if they are able to safely consume your food. It also gives you, the vendor, peace of mind that you remain legally compliant, without the necessity for printing.

Unlike traditional printed menus, digital menu boards can be updated dynamically in line with your menu items, either automatically, through an integration with your menu management systems, or by using an intuitive content management system that can be automated to instantly update and reflect changes in item availability along with the associated allergen information.

Digital Menu Boards can also integrate with pre-ordering technology, giving customers a jump-off point to apps or in-store order points, both of which can also display the necessary allergen information.

Research carried out by the Free From Awards demonstrated that the majority of customers value clear, reliable access to information about their food, over variety and menu options.

The benefits of Digital Menu Boards don’t stop there either. They also allow you to show timely offers, respond to weather conditions and reflect stock levels.

Menu board solutions are available in a range of formats, including LCD, Projection and LED options, and can be remotely monitored and supported by a trusted partner, or locally managed by you.

If you would like to talk to us about Digital Menu Boards or Ordering Apps, get in touch today.


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