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Always Available

You make it to the front of the queue and have been eying up your favourite dish to select and buy, only to be told it is out of stock !!

Typically menu boards are a digital version of a static menu with animation and special offers with no stock management or live pricing.

What we have created for our clients Pure has everything and we’ve got a great case study to show you how another client has benefited from partnering with Pixel as their digital provider.

With the 9-screen portrait array of Samsung Displays showcasing their fantastic menu, which is produced fresh each day, it’s crucial that customers don’t spend time determining their choice to only find out the dish has sold out for the day. Pure asked Pixel to develop a system that allowed local store control to switch dishes to ‘sold out’ or ‘not available today’ within an instant update.

With a click of a button through the stores iPad; menu items can be set as unavailable or sold out as an when need. The tablet UI was designed to allow quick search of products by category or by name. Using a store specific log in, each site has their own control to manage on a daily basis with their stock levels. The tablet is integrated with our content management software running the digital menu-boards and through use of product codes, displays a ‘sticker type’ overlay to the specific product when marked as ‘sold out’.

Easy management, providing real time key information for Pure’s customers.


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