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Drive customers towards making purchase decisions

To help improve the in-branch customer experience, and connect the online and offline journey, use of what’s often termed a Silent Digital Salesman can help draw a customer’s attention and encourage further engagement by offering an interactive platform designed to provide information regarding the exact vehicle on display, without the need for a salesperson to be present. Convenient, right?

Let's take Pete for example.

He spent Friday lunchtime browsing his potential next car online. He found some information and watched the snazzy video but wanted to touch those leather seats for himself.

On Saturday morning, he turned up at the nearest showroom where Salesperson A was busy with other customers. Pete wandered around the showroom and found his dream car hiding at the back. He jumped straight in and gave those leather seats a good stroke. It didn't take long for Pete to decide this was (almost) certainly the car for him. But Salesperson A was still busy, and Pete wanted some more information about the car, so he could be sure of his decision.

Looking around, he saw an interactive display next to the vehicle. Using the Silent Digital Salesman, Pete learned about the full vehicle spec, including its exact trim and engine specification and any hidden features and functions, watched aspirational videos of the car in action, and learned about the warranty, finance and service plans available. When he decided this was the one for him, Pete pressed an on-screen button to call for help and before he knew it, Salesperson B was heading across the showroom to assist.

When positioned next to every vehicle, not only do these touchpoints help to create an authentic and consistent experience between the online and in-store environments, they are also equipped to keep compliance information up-to-date by integrating with back-office systems, as well as automation of sales information… Did someone say no more manual price updates? Yep.

Ideally, you want a turnkey solution for the integration of Silent Digital Salesman into your showroom environment, to ensure all elements such as application design, and long-term support are taken care of. The content display should be fully customisable to ensure full immersion of your brand, and local and centralised content control capabilities should be considered to avoid unnecessary downtime and give you peace of mind.

We think they make for a great addition to any showroom, with the key aim of improving the customer experience, joining up the online and offline journey, and driving customers towards making purchase decisions while waiting for in-person assistance.

With Pixel, our Silent Digital Salesman, in partnership with Advantech, can offer a full turnkey solution. Want to know more about Interactive Showroom Solutions? Get in touch today.


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