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How Digital Signage Can Give Your Footfall a Boost!

Take a look at your competitors and you may well find that they’re already investing in innovative digital media technologies… but just because there doing it, it doesn’t mean they’re doing it well. To stay at the top of the retail game and drive footfall, you’re going to need to put digital signage high on your marketing agenda AND understand the key ways to harness its dynamic power.

Passing footfall is an excellent opportunity for brands to create revenue opportunities from monetisation of media space. But how do you engage those people and get them through the door? While the key benefits of digital signage rightly focus on increased sales and ROI, there are also several qualitative benefits that shouldn’t be overlooked, and it’s those that can keep your customers coming back.

It’s been commonly accepted, since retail’s inception, that an attractive shopfront can make a huge difference to the amount of traffic you see flowing through your doors. Digital media based window displays and facias don’t change this, they simply enhance the appeal through the addition of constant motion and increase its flexibility, with changes to campaigns and treatments taking place in seconds and allowing frequent, hands-free time-based modifications, which can even be automated based on realtime conditions such as weather conditions and store capacity.

In-store digital displays, particularly large-format LED that forms an integrated part of the environment, can further enhance the atmosphere and ambiance of a store, by setting a mood such as calming nature scenes, exciting fairgrounds or uplifting aspirational quotes, just a few examples of simple treatments that create a more inviting and immersive environment, encouraging customers to enter, stay longer and explore more.

By using digital signage to display and provide interactive support of live tutorials, events, and broadcast product launches (think of things like photobooths, live streaming, social feeds, synchronised countdowns, interactive guest-list verification), it can also increase the sense of engagement, in addition to offering a more personalised experience for customers, making them feel valued, appreciated, and, you guessed it, likely to enter and spend more time in your store.

And it doesn’t stop there. In additional to the customer benefits, it also means your business can take advantage of the functionality and advanced capabilities that enable quicker content changes to drive down resource and operational costs, as well as provide targeting of different demographics at various times of day to help you stay relevant and harvest higher intent customers, and an opportunity to communicate with your customers throughout the shopper journey, like the shop floor, fitting rooms and cash desk.

Like all projects, differing objectives will require differing approaches, and our team features all the expertise needed to create and support all of the end-to-end experiences we’ve mentioned, having a tonne of knowledge and experience they can lend to help shape your project, ensuring you only invest budget in necessary areas and achieve your goals. We can also help you plan for the future, allowing opportunity to scale and evolve your digital signage strategy as you grow and expand your approach. So, what are you waiting for? There are feet to be driven! Get in touch today.


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