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We have worked with TK Maxx for 5 years supplying digital solutions for their ever-growing estate across the UK and Europe.

Standard store formats include a 3 screen display behind the cashier desks and large format screens in their shopfront windows. In their more high-profile stores on Oxford Street and Dusseldorf, we have supplied large custom LED displays that are hard to miss! By working closely with their marketing team, our specialist in-house studio is able to bring the digital estate to life with bespoke bold content which keeps their customers engaged and delivers key trade messaging.

In addition to the digital, we have recently started rolling out a new call forward system to guide their customers at the checkouts. We have been able to integrate this system with the digital displays behind the cash desks to provide customers with visual direction

For those stores that are yet to have displays behind the cashier desk, we’ve provided a single small format display at a high level, so customers queuing are aided with an audio and visual representation of which cash desk is available.

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oliver jake
oliver jake
Jul 04, 2021

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