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On Target mascara for Lancôme Lash Idôle

Lancôme and l'Oréal set us the Challenge at Pixel to create an online and in-store game to support launching the new headline Lancôme product, Lash Idôle Mascara.

Our solution was to create a unique and one of a kind game that was to be used in a retail environment and also on social media for an authentic omnichannel experience. The game, designed and created by our in-house development team, pulled on the fundamental concepts of the Lash Idôle marketing, hitting your lash goals.

Firstly, to enable their device as the controller, a customer needed to scan the on-screen QR code and follow the instructions explaining the mechanics. Then, customers could use their device to aim the crosshairs on the interactive display and fire the arrow at the exact moment to hit the balloon targets. Naturally, the sharper the aim, the higher the score and the closer you are to hitting your lash goals.

If their aim was excellent and they managed to achieve a score of 9 hits or more in a single minute, they were a winner. To claim their winning free sample of the "world's best mascara", the customer must enter their details on their mobile device, which Lancôme could then use to drive marketing campaigns in the future.

In terms of results, the installation was a massive success in driving footfalls to the concession stand and engaging with the game on social media. The first 48 hours after activating the game, more than 80,000 people registered their details to play the game in-store and online, with Lancôme eventually giving away 20,000 free samples of the mascara to the winning scores, which were achieved in the game.


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