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The Lift and Learn Experience

The Kiehl’s Lift and Learn interactive display is incredibly impactful on a customer’s experience within the store.

Kiehls merchandised seventeen of their “#TRENDINGNOW” products between five accessible shelves in front of the impressive 98” display.

As a customer lifts a product, light sensors trigger the media player to push through the specific content for that product. The animated content gives excellent insight to the customer on how to apply and use the products and learn about the benefits.

With the Pixel, the in-house creative team designed and created all the content, allowing strong consistency and effective testing before installation in the store.

The size of the display at 98” ensures it has a significant impact on the store and not only impresses the customer but draws their attention to the fixture.

As the focus is a learning zone, the large format touchscreen works better than a tablet, in which customers prefer to enter personal information.

Furthermore, the display’s interactive nature creates an informative and memorable experience for the customer, who may well purchase a product they had no idea existed or one with which they had no prior engagement.


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