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Assisting this discount retail giant in the digital transformation of their window displays.

Assisting this discount retail giant in the digital transformation of their window displays.

Poundland is a British discount variety retailer selling most items at the single price of £1. The first pilot store opened in December 1990 and today their estate boasts over 850 stores across the UK, Republic of Ireland and the EU. 

the challenge

Poundland’s main goal was to modernise their window displays by moving to a digital-first approach. By doing so it would provide them with the ability to automate the dissemination of POS for windows, including own-brand and third-party suppliers, in a highly engaging and attention-grabbing manner with the key aims of driving traffic into the store, increasing footfall and in turn, increasing sales.

Our Approach

Poundland came onboard as a Pixel client in June 2022. We were initially engaged to deliver 100 stores, each destined to receive 55” ultra-high brightness digital window displays, system integrated with Poundland’s POS allocation system, to reduce the requirement to manually schedule content and reduce the chances of human error. 

As the project got underway, it was decided most stores would receive a single digital window display, with slightly larger stores receiving 2 or 3 to achieve maximum impact in the larger footprint that they offered. We selected LG 55” High Bright LCD screens as the best fit for the project, with larger 75” LCD screens used in Poundland’s Flagship D200 stores such as Teesside, and their largest store in Nottingham measuring 16,000 sq.ft. The Dise Content Management System was selected to allow us to manage the day-to-day content scheduling and automation of each screen, obtain analytics and support any issues quickly. A custom display mount rear cover was specified, providing a professional and neat finish to the rear of the screens and keeping tampering risks to a minimum. 

The Outcome

In September 2022 we completed the 100-store trial, which included locations across the UK and Republic of Ireland and have since rolled out a further 5 stores. Further expansion is planned, including the on-boarding of Poundland’s other inhouse brands such as Pep&Co.  We are excited to continue our relationship with this retail giant and are proud to support them with our fully managed service across their digital estate, including day-to-day content management and our 24/7 monitoring and support. 


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