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Creation, Management & Content Hosting for Retail

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QR Codes can be an incredibly effective, universally supported method of linking your in-store and online worlds.

They can provide very high degrees of granularity, allowing online content to support the in-store journey, rather than distract from it, connecting customers with specific product information, virtual or in-person assistance or even providing links to advanced Augmented Reality experiences. 

5 Key Reasons to adopt QR codes


Provide a more immersive customer experience


​Tap into the device consumers pay attention to the most


Remove customer journey friction points



Provide a competitive advantage to  online-only

'Scan here'
triggerS an engagement request for customers


Realising that the existing methods for managing QR codes were not well aligned with typical needs of retailers, we created Shelfvision - our very own SAAS application, dedicated to the creation and management of QR codes for the B2C retail market using simple point and click WYSIWYG interfaces.

  • Shelfvision provides a highly scalable platform for the dynamic generation of QR codes

  • Ability to host mobile optimised content and interactive functionality

  • Live in person or bot-based consultations and appointment booking

  • Management of thousands of QR codes,

  • Management of associated mobile-optimised content and re-directs

  • Live product consultation functionality

It also supports API based queries from remote systems, providing the facility to create a multitude of unique codes in seconds, ideal for scenarios such as automated, electronic shelf edge displays.

The above infographic shows an example of the Shelfvision cycle and various actions that can be triggered through use of the platform or, if you're unsure what QR codes are, we've created the guide below that takes you through the basics, of you can give one of our experts a call today.

qr codes: a guide

Speak to one of our QR CODE experts today

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