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App Development

If the perfect solution for your project doesn’t already exist, why not let us build it for you? Pixel’s in-house team of developers, UX designers and QA testers are here to deliver the exact solution you need.

System integration

Wherever possible, your digital media infrastructure should work hand in hand with your existing systems and data, capitalising on the investments you’ve already made and automating content updates as far as possible.


Our development team have many years of experience and have implemented hundreds of projects where two or more existing systems or data-stores were used to drive modern, digital media solutions.


Integrations have allowed such functionality as live pricing and stock information on screens in Argos stores, through to fully transactional touch screen interfaces in Screwfix. Whatever your requirements, it's likely that we've done something similar, which means shorter lead-times and lower risks you.

Accredited Platforms

We work with a mix of best-in-class software solutions and innovative providers to offer a solution mix fit for any project. From digital signage and audio CMS to audience measurement, we have it covered.

Computer Monitor
Smart Phone Outline
Tablet Outline

We've been developing online and interactive software applications for over 17 years using our in-house team of experienced code wizards. 


We base the majority of our solutions on well regarded delivery platforms, which significantly reduces risks and ensures that customers' all-important delivery deadlines are met. We're partners with some of the most most flexible and respected Content and Device Management providers in the world, so our clients get the benefits of fully customised solutions running within proven, world-class management platforms. 


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