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Automating late deals for digital window displays

TUI is the UK's largest holiday brand, delivering unique and modern holiday experiences for its customers every year.

the challenge

In 2018, TUI wanted to transform their existing digital window displays into localised ‘late deal’ boards, configured to automatically present customers passing by their stores the range of holiday offers flying from their nearest airport.

Our Approach

TUI had an excellent existing real-time API that allowed us programmatic access to their inventory of holiday deals. We architected a software and content solution that integrated directly with the API, allowing each unique display across their network of stores to query the latest holiday deals and refine the offers to be presented to customers based on localisation parameters assigned to each media player.

The Outcome

The end product presented a series of deals to customers in a design that reflected the traditional late deal cards. Each unique holiday offer featured a live price and short-form information on the deal. The system was developed to constantly check the availability of each offer, to ensure compliance with trading standards and, if it found any to be unavailable, would also place a ‘sold out’ brand across the offer.

In addition to the on-screen presentation, each media player would email the store manager with the current offers displayed on screen, to ensure they were always up-to-date with what customers were being shown.


If you would like to know more about this project or have your own upcoming digital solutions project, why not get in touch with us today. We’d love to hear from you!

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