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In-store digital marketing and music across concessions and boutiques

Launched in 1995, bareMinerals ORIGINAL Loose Mineral Foundation revolutionized the beauty industry with its clean, good-for-skin formula. Today, one jar is sold globally every 18 seconds.

the challenge

US make-up and skincare company bareMinerals has a number of stores across the UK. They had several existing digital displays, updated manually by USB stick and wanted to modernise and centralise the management and support for this legacy estate, coupled with a general roll out of additional displays both in-store and window, together with an update to their in-store music system.

Our Approach

We initially began by installing media players to power the existing displays across their estate,connecting to our fully managed content servers to provide centralised control over content scheduling and remote support. Over subsequent years we have installed many new fully managed displays, including a rather special 5×1 video wall display using square screens in the Fabled By Marie store in London and several large format ultra-bright window displays in their boutique stores.

To address their need to standardise and legally license their in-store music, we provided a series of interactive tablets for use by the store staff. These devices allow for simple selection of various music profiles, allowing the staff to override the default playlisting and dayparting to capitalise on their local knowledge and ambience requirements.

The Outcome

Like many of our clients, bareMinerals opt for our fully managed service, combining technical consultancy, project management, content design and production, installation and maintenance. This service gives bareMinerals everything it needs to deliver an effortless and engaging in-store digital media solution that attracts attention, increases footfall and improves the ambiance in every store.


If you would like to know more about this project or have your own upcoming digital solutions project, why not get in touch with us today. We’d love to hear from you!

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