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Robust, commercial grade equipment is essential to the long-term reliability and low operational costs of any digital media network.


At Pixel, we're confident to offer you long term service and support because we recommend only the best hardware available, from the leading commercial brands we've been working with for years. By collaborating with the likes of  Epson, Samsung, Philips, LG, NEC, Optoma and Panasonic, we are able to provide cutting edge installations at competitive costs. 


We're also able to custom manufacture displays and enclosures to meet unique requirements that cannot be served by an off the shelf product

internal led displayS

Retail - In-store Digital Media - Heathrow - WHSmith_07.jpg

Nothing packs as much of a punch than an indoor LED display.


We work closely with trusted OEM manufacturers to create signage displays of virtually any size, shape and resolution, allowing for limitless creativity and integration with your built environment.


From curved LED and totems, to video walls and shop front fascias, every LED solution we supply comes with a minimum 3 year warranty and is covered by our 24/7 remote and on-site support services.

kiosks + totems


Perfect for interactive wayfinding, sales assistance, ordering points or as a flexible advertising kiosk that can move from one location to another.

Here at Pixel we can design, produce and install kiosks of all shapes and sizes to fit any environment.  For those projects that have unforgiving lead times, we also have access to a range of off-the-shelf units that can be procured and installed quickly.

projection displays

projection solutions_edited.jpg

Now with bulb-free, laser and LED based solutions, projectors are rightfully taking their place as a viable digital solution.

This technology has come on leaps and bounds in recent years, offering one of the most creative and organic digital canvases available today.


Projection lends itself perfectly to many digital projects, thanks to its close range projection capabilities and space saving nature. It opens up the approach for solutions including menu boards, wall and window displays and interactive retail experiences.

shelf edge LCD + ESL 


The closer a marketing communication is to the intended product, the greater the chance of converting sales.


Shelf-edge solutions include high-resolution, full motion video displays, or, wireless battery powered electronic shelf labels (ESL) that can be utilised to provide automated, remote controlled updates.

We offer a variety of options for retail price labels and shelf communication solutions, and are proud to be an accredited partner of Display Data, a trusted manufacturer of ESL solutions.


battery powered displays


For situations where it’s impossible to provide power to your digital signage solution.

Battery powered signage displays are now a pragmatic and workable solution for many retail and restaurant needs, suitable for both indoor and outdoor uses


 Here at Pixel we can supply and configure a range of off-the-shelf units for fast installation, or for a more bespoke approach, we can custom build a solution to your exact requirements.


Bespoke signage furniture

Cosmetic Retail - In-store digital media - Selfridges 5.jpg

Sometimes a screen on a wall simply won’t do for the store or office you are looking to enhance.


That's why we work with our fabrication partners to design and build bespoke, branded furniture, purely for your needs.


This can include matching brand colours in the furniture finish, incorporating logos in the signage furniture or a design concept that needs to specifically meet a set criteria.

internal lcd displays

Boots 2.JPG

LCD displays that are reliable, cost effective and easily integrated.

All of the LCD displays we provide are commercial grade, warranted for 3 or 5 years, and provide the necessary features to allow us to remotely control and monitor their performance.


We work with all of the major commercial display providers and will help you select the best product to provide LCD solutions including in store digital signagedigital menu boards, window displays, queue management, and more.

touch displays

Argos catalogue touchscreens and digital display media.jpg

Whether you need a 10″ tablet or a large 84″ through-glass touch display, we've got the knowledge and understanding to find the right solution for you.


We utilise products from some of the biggest brands to deliver first class interactive experiences. For retail uses, these can provide streamline EPoS and window solutions, while  F&B sectors can benefit from take-away ordering kiosks. Workplace environments can incorporate the technology to provide communication solutions that enrich the workplace.


Digital Menu Boards

Restaurants - digital menu boards - Chopstix 2.jpg

Our digital menu systems are a complete display and content management solution.

Menu boards are a great solution for takeaways, cafés, coffee shops and QSRs thanks to their local and remote control capabilities.

They can be instantly updated to reflect stock and price changes thanks to integrations with inventory management systems, or you can simply change the availability of items from your tablet, phone or smart watch.

Queue Management systems


Help improve your brand perception through use of our automated and integrated queue management solution.


As an effective queueing system, our solution provides an integrated, or strand alone, call forwarding structure that is compatible with both wired or wireless hardware options and can be coupled with an automatic queue sensing system that can direct customers to less busy queues. 

commercial audio systems


Offer a multi-sensory experience and broadcast your radio, playlist and chosen messages to your in-store audience.

Thanks to our zone technology, your commercial audio system can be programmed to broadcast different audio in various areas of your business, giving you more control over your curated playlists.


 It can also be integrated with your digital displays to deliver an enhanced customer experience, playing sound effects that compliment visuals, or music that positively impacts your in-store customer journey. Here at Pixel we use only the best audio equipment from the likes of Bose, Cloud and Audio Pro.


Transparent and Special Format Displays

interactive media.jpg

For some real standout moments we offer a range of unique solutions to captivate your audience and stand out from your competitors.


These transparent displays or spherical projection globes can be integrated with bespoke furniture to create a truly novel and impactful digital solution that will encourage customer engagement and see them return, time and time again. 

Video Wall Displays

resturants - Harry.jpg

Hardware that delivers a 'wow' moment.


Video walls can now be made at virtually any size and shape, and can be built from either LCD displays with ultra-narrow bezels, or LED cabinets with no bezels at all. No longer confined to large areas, this solution offers a high-impact and an immersive experience your customers won't forget.

digital window displays


Designed to combat against the sun's glare, our window displays come in various high-bright options, all proven to grab attention and selected based on the level of brightness required for their location.


Whether it be hanging window displays or double-sided pole mounted displays, all of our carefully selected digital window solutions can be controlled remotely or locally via a media player or system-on-chip solution. Store window displays are available in both LCD and LED formats.

outdoor displays

Hospitality - LED Displays - Olympia .jpg

Large format outdoor displays are built to withstand the elements and allow years of trouble free communication.


Ideal for locations such as building exteriors, public areas, drive through restaurants or car parks, outdoor digital signage can be supplied at virtually any size. Available in both LCD and LED solutions, the design can be suited to work for your chosen environment and scaled to virtually any size and shape.

digital aisle fin

Boots-aisle- 1.jpg

Our Digital Aisle Fin solution is unique to Pixel and can be manufactured to suit your project.

Also known as bus stops, this digital solution helps to capture customer's attention while travelling in the aisle of a supermarket or store to drive them to a desired product. Through use of captivating visuals and connection to data pools, it enables conditional content playback to ensure it's always displaying the right message, at the right time, to the right person.

media players


Professional grade media players provide substantial processing power, essential for complex integrated digital media networks.

Their use provides independence from vendor specific system-on-chip platforms and can bring many other commercial and operational benefits, too. All of the components we use are warranted for 3 years and built specifically for 24/7 use in harsh and often dusty environments. 


Take a look at some of our case studies to understand more about the part media players can play in a digital roll out.


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