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interactive kiosks

Keep on selling even when you’re not around


Interactive kiosks give your customers the chance to find out all about your product while they’re waiting for you to greet them — or even when you’re not on site. By bringing your key messaging and sales pitch to a fully interactive digital touch screen, you give them all the information they need to make a purchase.

  • Allows you to attend to more customers 

  • Provides easy access to product information 

  • Promotes spotlight products, offers and incentives

  • Ensures pricing and other complaint information is correctly displayed at all times

  • Allows self-service transactions

Expand your sales team with interactive digital displays


Pixel Inspiration’s interactive kiosks are like having an extra member of the sales team — one that never goes off-message or takes a break, and is always ready to sell.

Our flexible and interactive wayfinding displays, touch screen walls and kiosks put all the information your customers need right in front of them, so even if you’re not there, they still have answers to all their questions. 

Fully customisable, the content is displayed in an engaging and attractive way, allowing customers to navigate at a pace that suits them, and check whatever details they need to make the purchase decision.

The kiosks integrate reliably with your back office systems to automatically update prices, specifications and availability, and can even summon a real-life member of the team when human interaction is required.

Customers are used to seeing information presented on screen and interactive digital displays take the experience one step further. The content displayed can react to the environment by remaining idle with a welcome message when not in use, transitioning between various promotional messages or switching to interactive mode so the customer can control what they see.

Pixel can provide fully integrated, customised and branded kiosks and apps for Windows, Linux, Tizen and Android devices and are suitable for use on any scale, with both local and centralised control over the content thanks to cloud-based content management systems.

"It’s not often you find a business that’s efficient, professional and filled with genuine people who really enjoy what they do. Pixel Inspiration is one of them." - Rob Burns, Head of Marketing, Harry Ramsden

The digital signage experts

Pixel is an award-winning provider of high performance digital signage systems. With over 20 years’ experience in the industry, we’re one of the most respected names for digital signage solutions in the retail and hospitality sectors.

Our people are completely focused on ensuring your customers have the most engaging, illuminating and enjoyable experience when they’re with you. We work closely with you to bring your ideas to life, and make sure the final solution does exactly what you want. With dedicated project managers and a nationwide network of service engineers, you can rely on Pixel for the inspiration to take your customer engagement to the next level.

Brands choosing Pixel for their interactive kiosks

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