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interactive kiosks

Enhance your customer experience, engage customers and drive sales with our digital silent salesman solution.

Our interactive kiosks solutions ensure that information is always easily accessible in stores, restaurants or showrooms to help transform your sales, even when there is no salesperson on site.

Over the past decade, product information has become readily available to customers through enhanced online experiences.

It's expected that all retailers will eventually evolve inline with digital transformation, but while we're slowly finding more digital tools in physical stores, there is still room for improvement.

Installing an interactive kiosk is crucial to improving the customer experience. It aims to draw attention and engagement by informing customers of the product displayed in front of them, without the need for a salesperson.

These touchpoints create an authentic and consistent experience throughout the customers journey as well as prevent incorrect prices and information being displayed. They are equipped to keep compliant information up to date by integrating with back-office systems, and in the instance a salesperson is required, can call a staff member for in-person assistance.

The content displayed on these touchpoints is fully customisable and can be set to remain idle with a single message, transition between various promotional messaging, or set to ‘interactive’ allowing control by the customer.


We can provide fully integrated, customised and branded Kiosks and Apps for Windows, Linux, IOS and Android devices. Examples of the benefits include:

  • Attend to more customers 

  • Ease of access to product information for your customers 

  • Promote spotlight products, offers & incentives

  • Ensure pricing and other complaint information is correctly displayed at all times

All our kiosks are suitable for use on any scale, with both local and centralised control over the content thanks to a cloud-based content management system.


Like all of our solutions, they’re backed by our 24/7 remote monitoring and support service and come with a 3 year-warranty, extendable to 5 years, giving you peace of mind and avoiding unnecessary downtime.

some of our interactive kiosk customers


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