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Dynamic, targeted Digital Menu Boards and bespoke content management and automation.

Panos is a quick service franchise that is part of the La Lorraine Bakery Group. They are a leading sandwich chain in Belgium and across Europe offering a wide range of bakery products, freshly made at each location including standalone stores, railway stations, metros and petrol stations.


Pixel provide comprehensive digital signage solutions for La Lorraine Bakery Group outlets including Digital Menu Boards. As a group, together with our parent company, Staci, we offer a total "Phygital" solution (both "Physical" and "Digital" marketing materials) as well as translation services that help support and deliver the marketing strategy of the various La Lorraine Bakery Group brands (including Panos).

the challenge

In 2015, Panos wanted to improve their customer experience by running several annual targeted marketing campaigns in each of their branches, taking into account the different language versions, shop-specific prices and product variations. In turn, they hoped this would boost sales.

The ultimate challenge for Pixel was to automate the complexity of manual data processing and make it manageable, reducing the error rate and workload for the Panos' marketing team.

our approach

Thanks to Pixel's in-house UX designers and experienced Digital Signage experts, we were able to design and deliver a unique dynamic pricing tool that we integrated across the platform to process the 8 different language versions and extensive product range and associated shop-specific pricing to streamline data processed and the way in which information is dynamically displayed on the digital menu boards.


Panos is thus modernising both its customer interaction and optimising revenue streams for its franchisees.

Panos branches have up to three digital menu boards at each location, and each location includes its own media players. The screens, supplied by the likes of Samsung, Philips and LG, are synchronised in a way that ensures content changes can take place smoothly, synchronised, and on time.

The Outcome

We continue to work with La Lorraine Bakery Group to modernise their estate by harnessing the power of our dynamic digital pricing tool and digital menu boards, as well as our managed services to manage all content for display via our and scheduling support. 


We also continue to supply printed POS marketing materials through our parent company, Staci, where we print, collate and package various POS materials and distribute them to each Panos shop. 

It's thanks to our many years of experience, that we at Pixel have been able to make the technical complexities of these campaigns manageable and efficient.


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