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Sim Local store with three digital screens depciting SIM and ESIM deals. Below are shelves of Sim Local products

sim local

Attention grabbing displays and intuitive content management for one of the world’s largest travel SIM providers. 

Operating from hundreds of sale points in over 100 airports in nine countries, Sim Local is a leading global provider of travel SIM card and eSIM solutions for the retail industry.

We’ve been working with Sim Local since 2021 to transform its stores and kiosks in the UK and around Europe.


It offers travellers a variety of network operator SIM cards, so they can  connect to a local mobile network and benefit from significant savings versus roaming.

the challenge

Following a rebrand and makeover of its stores and remote vending machine locations, Sim Local asked Pixel to propose an upgrade for their existing, LCD based digital infrastructure. We established quickly that their in-store video walls would be better served by the bezel-less aesthetic offered by LED based displays. We also recommended the implementation of synchronised content, which the existing media playback software could not achieve, improving customer experience and drawing the attention of passers-by to stores and vending machines.

Our Approach

We replaced the old ultra-narrow LCD video walls with new, direct view LED units. The content displayed on adjacent screens was synchronised using the CMS software platform, so that items can rotate at the same time, offering higher impact and a seamless brand experience. Pixel supplied and installed several stores with licences for the Dise CX Platform to allow day-to-day content scheduling and automation of the displays.


In December 2022, we started working on managing the installations and remote management of licences for LED displays in stores in Greece and Belgium, and all 16 of Sim Local’s new vending machines located in selected airports in the UK, Denmark and Ireland.

The Outcome

By refreshing Sim Local’s digital interfaces, it improved customer experience and continues to draw the attention of passers-by to stores and vending machines. 

We’ve implemented many of our services since the start of the partnership with Sim Local, including hardware refresh and takeover, digital look, content development, design and building process consultation, whilst also making use of our support desk. With more installations to come in the near future, we’re looking forward to integrating more of our work into Sim Local stores.

If you would like to know more about this project or have your own upcoming digital solutions project, get in touch with us today.
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