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digital MENU BOARDS 

Utilise the latest technology to improve your efficiency, sales, and customer experience.

digital menu boards offer restaurants and QSR operators a hugely flexible, adaptive, and reactive canvas on which to display products and promotions.

The use of motion graphics and animation is proven to drive sales whilst also providing an entertaining visual focus for your waiting customers but, more importantly, digital technology provides total granularity in the way that you display your menus.

Put simply, digital menu boards allow you to show the right offer at the right price, in the right place at the right time. Cold outside? How about a special on your hot soup range to entice chilly customers? Long queue? Speed up decisions by reducing the number of promotions and simplifying the offer. 

Content can be automated updating instantly to reflect changes in item availability, time of day, the weather outside, the queue length or even the audience profile at that moment in time. Digital menu boards can also integrate with pre-ordering technology, giving customers a jump-off point to apps or in-store order points.

​Our unique digital menu systems are built with scalability in mind - managing thousands of menu boards is as simple as managing one. We can even provide local staff with various levels of control, including the ability to mark items out of stock using their tablet, phone, or smart watch.



  • Update content instantly

  • Automate content through integrations with inventory management systems

  • React automatically to a variety of conditions

  • Integrate with pre-ordering technology

  • Various levels of control can be allocated to each staff member

  • Ability to mark items out of stock from your tablet, phone and smart watch

  • Proven sales uplifts

Our menu board solutions work with all types of display from the usual LCD solutions through the more creative and integrated Projection and LED options.

They’re all backed by our 24/7 remote monitoring and support service and can be configured with various backup systems, to ensure that even in the event of a component failure, your business-critical digital canvas remains fully operational.


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