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digital MENU BOARDS 

Flexible and adaptive messaging puts increased sales and efficiency on the menu

Pixel Inspiration’s digital menu expertise gives restaurant and QSR operators the ability to adapt menus and promotions to react to customer preferences and real time conditions while they wait. Our innovative and reliable solutions allow complete flexibility and automation of the presentation of products and promotions, improving efficiency, sales and customer experience.

  • A proven sales-booster

  • Update content instantly

  • Automate content through integrations with inventory management systems

  • Respond intuitively to a variety of conditions, including weather and item availability

  • Integrate with pre-ordering technology

  • Mark items out of stock from within EPOS or a smart device

Engaging and adaptive digital menu display screens

Pixel’s digital menu displays and technology enhance your in-store communications, are enjoyed by customers and offer a flexible promotional tool for your restaurant, takeaway or QSR business.  

With our digital menu boards you can change products and offers instantly, updating the information people see according to whatever parameters you choose. Promote hot comfort food on chilly days and refreshing salads when it's hot, simplify what’s on offer for a long queue to speed up ordering or adapt the menu to promote different dishes at different times of day.

Pixel’s systems are fully scalable, so managing thousands of digital menu boards is as simple as managing one. Your local staff can have whatever level of control you wish — including being able to mark items as out of stock directly from their own smart device. You can automate content (and schedule it remotely) via integration with your inventory management systems, and the menu screens can synchronise with your current pre-ordering technology, so customers can jump seamlessly between apps and in-store order points. 

Motion graphics and animation are proven sales-boosters and our digital menu display screens provide customers with a great viewing experience as they browse what’s on offer. And you can trust Pixel to offer the best technical solution and customer service — we’ve worked with some of the best-known restaurant, café and takeaway brands in the food retail business.

“Our customers love how the screens change and are animated. They get a ‘wow’ moment when they see the camera flashing or Toto’s tail wagging. We even once had a customer ask us what we put in the coffee as she saw the screen waving at her! For us, we find the menus easy to update and Pixel’s customer service is very easy, quick and effective." - Roasting Plant

The digital signage experts

Pixel is an award-winning provider of high performance digital signage systems. With over 20 years’ experience in the industry, we’re one of the most respected names for digital signage solutions in the retail and hospitality sectors.

Our people are completely focused on ensuring your customers have the most engaging, illuminating and enjoyable experience when they’re with you. We work closely with you to bring your ideas to life, and make sure the final solution does exactly what you want. With dedicated project managers and a nationwide network of service engineers, you can rely on Pixel for the inspiration to take your customer engagement to the next level.

Brands choosing Pixel for their digital menu displays

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