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Interactive Wayfinding

Help customers get to where they need to be, digitally.

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Digital wayfinding solutions are a great way to provide navigational guidance, helping customers and visitors get to where they need to be.

Due to their sheer size, many people need help navigating through airports, shopping centres, hotels, hospitals, university campuses and even cruise liners. We’ve been working with the likes of Leeds University, Kingfisher Shopping Centre Group and TUI to create bespoke interactive wayfinding solutions over the past 15+ years.


Offering a direct path to a product or place can:

  • Help encourage brand confidence

  • Improve the overall customer journey

  • Reduced costs thanks to self-generating maps

  • Peace of mind that content is always up to date

Interactive wayfinding & navigation systems are also compatible with mobile phones, so the user can take the route finding with them as they are on the move.

how it works

Our team of developers and designers work to client plans to create bespoke layouts and features. With a focus on simplicity of design and flexibility in function, these units are a highly effective solution, fit for any location.


By combining touch-enabled displays, pro-grade media players and often printers or NFC technologies allowing a route to be shared to a smartphone, our wayfinding units are a fantastic solution for helping your customers, passengers, patients and staff get around any location.​

What makes our solution particularly special is that it’s a self-generating system, able to re-draw maps and directions presented to end users based on your amendments. This reduces costs and ensures that changes are made, as and when they happen.

We've also been working on Augmented reality wayfinding solutions, so if you're interested in exploring how this or any of our other offerings may be able to help you, drop us a line. 

Like all of our solutions, they’re backed by our 24/7 remote monitoring and support service and can be remotely managed by us, or locally, by you. 

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