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A full tank of digital solutions for the Toyota UK Showroom Estate.

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With a UK estate of over 150 showrooms displaying hundreds of their Japanese automotives, there is probably a Toyota showroom near you that contains a Pixel managed video wall. 

the challenge

Toyota proactively review and enhance their showroom environments to offer the best possible customer experience by harnessing digital solutions to enrich the various stages of the car buying journey. In their most recent update, key considerations were to be given to the best placed opportunities for new solutions to be incorporated, as well as sustainability and their ‘Beyond Zero’ initiative. 

Our Approach

Toyota initially became a client in 2010, when their digital ambitions included a simple, but effective, 4-screen video wall situated in the ‘customer hub’ area of their showrooms. The video wall displays of this roll-out were the NEC P-series, selected for its excellent brightness, reliability and longevity. We implemented remote content management and monitoring through the use of the SCALA platform to allow us to employ rule-based content distribution localisation feature to show unique welcome messages specific to each showroom location.  

Toyota’s latest refresh offers a significant increase in the level of digital employed through the customer journey, with each site receiving many more digital display touch points, each carefully considered to cover the entire customer journey and perfectly placed throughout the showrooms to immerse at every turn.  

Concepts for this refresh include a selection of LCD and LED displays, created into impressive and intuitive solutions through the continued use of the SCALA content management platform. These solutions include interactive welcome touch screen and totems, which includes sensors that monitor the footfall and dwell time of customers across each dealership.  A large format 3m x 2m LED display forms a focal point that can also be used for laptop or wireless presentations, with integrated microphone, speakers and associated control software. Toyota’s sustainability journey is illustrated with a ‘Beyond Zero’ interactive display, with content that demonstrates the brand’s past, present, and future direction using a Samsung 46” 3x1 video wall display with custom interactive overlay. A 43" touch display provides welcoming information for the customer hand over area, which is managed by the local staff using pre-defined content templates, showcasing the customer’s purchased vehicle and service information. Large format 55" touchscreens within the ‘Style Your Toyota’ displays allow customers to select the finish and personalisation of their chosen vehicle using the touch capable content from the Toyota website.  

As part of the project setup, Pixel helped Toyota and their brand agency with the development of all of the touch screen content interfaces and continue to manage and support all the displays across the Toyota UK estate 

The Outcome

Showrooms across the country, including Bristol, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Newcastle, Nottingham, Hamilton, Brentford and Swansea are already successfully embracing this new digital first approach, with further rollouts taking place in the coming months. 


All showrooms are managed by our digital managed services, allowing content from various sources to be quickly deployed across the country, whilst our support team take care of the proactive monitoring and maintenance of this complex digital network. 

4 screen video wall

digital refresh


If you would like to know more about this project or have your own upcoming digital solutions project, why not get in touch with us today. We’d love to hear from you!

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