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Helping decorators find the perfect colour whilst raising the profile of the brands heritage range

As the UK’s leading paint brand, Dulux provide customers with over 1,200 Dulux colours available to choose from and a wealth of services to help customers find the perfect colours for their homes.

the challenge

As part of a new fixture roll-out across 60 locations, Dulux wanted to bring their Heritage paints range to life through the integration of an interactive instore experience, allowing customers to explore each colour in the most effective way possible.

Our Approach

Our initial recommendation to the Dulux team was to make use of RFID tags, attached to each physical swatch to allow customers rapid access to information on the colours that they prefer. A simple swipe of the swatch against the screen could then allow direct viewing of colour information, complementary pallets and inspirational roomsets.

Our in-house design studio created the user interface based on the Dulux team’s initial wireframes. Using our UI expertise, we ensured that the experience was consistent with the brand and existing digital touch points, but fit for purpose in an in-store context. Through the content in the app, customers can learn more about the brand, browse the Heritage colour range, discover complimentary colours and see how each can work in different rooms in the home. 

The solution was connected to our cloud hosted content support and monitoring systems via a private cellular connection, allowing the Pixel support team to proactively monitor the health of each location for best-in-class reliability and customer experience.

The Outcome

The final project provides digital support to customers while they browse the Heritage range and gives Dulux the ability to monitor interactions 24/7. With everything fully managed by the Pixel support and on-site engineering teams, the client can relax in the knowledge that their digital investment is always adding value to the in-store customer experience.


If you would like to know more about this project or have your own upcoming digital solutions project, why not get in touch with us today. We’d love to hear from you!

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