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Kingfisher Shopping Centre

Interactive Wayfinding for a leading mall operator

Kingfisher Shopping Centre is a mall in the centre of Redditch. It contains 150 stores, with a range of large and smaller units, including anchor tenants such as Primark.

the challenge

As one of the larger centres, Pixel were asked to provide a turnkey digital wayfinding solution, including the hardware, software and interactive content application development and ongoing maintenance.

Our Approach

We based the app on our existing wayfinding engine, developed over several years specifically for the hospitality and retail markets. This meant that the lead time to implement the solution was drastically cut from what it would have otherwise been. A graphical map of the centre was created and the routes across it, along with the points of interest (stores and facilities) were plugged into the wayfinding engine.

Off the shelf kiosk hardware was procured to keep the budgets as cost effective as possible and we installed the solution to several units. Each kiosk maintains knowledge of its location in the map using centrally managed ‘meta data’, allowing the kiosks to be deployed anywhere within the map at a moment’s notice, without the requirement to re-configure the app itself.

The configuration of the wayfinder is easily updated by our support team because it is driven by a small, easily edited database, again allowing the costs of maintenance to be vastly reduced compared to less efficient update processes which would require map updates.

The Outcome

We think the wayfinding kiosks offer a modern and intuitive method to navigate this centre, whilst also ensuring the lowest total cost of ownership for the client. The whole solution is proactively monitored and maintained by our helpdesk, with on-site engineering support backup from our mobile installations team.


If you would like to know more about this project or have your own upcoming digital solutions project, why not get in touch with us today. We’d love to hear from you!

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