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LCD displays still remain the go-to choice for the vast majority of digital media network projects.

Thanks to the proliferation of LCD technology in the home, these commercial grade displays are reliable, effective and offer relatively straightforward installation requirements.

Our in-store digital LCD signage solutions take many forms, from simple, single-screen installs to huge video displays and social media integrations.

All our LCD installations are powered by intuitive digital signage software platforms, providing total flexibility in content display and integration with any external system, for live and reactive content. This technology enables functionality including live pricing, promotions relative to stock levels, as well as automating content in-line with the weather and time of day

the benefits


LCD solutions 


Like everything we do, all our digital assets are supported and monitored to ensure they perform 24/7, with a dedicated support and repair team on hand should you need it.

  • Ideal for smaller formats up to 100"

  • Best-in-class hardware

  • Straightforward installation

  • System-on-Chip (SoC) solutions

  • Live and reactive automation of content

  • Backed by 3 or 5 year warranty

LCD displays

Reliable, effective and easily integrated.

A Clinique stand with four LCD displays signs that depict video footage of Clinque products. Beneath those screens are multiple shelves filled with Clinique products and in front, a make up stand with three white chairs.
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