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projection solutions

Break free of the bezel with creative projection installations.

With scalable bezel-less image sizing, projection is often the most flexible of display options, providing creative opportunities to inform, promote, entertain and present.

Not so long ago, the cost (and space) requirements for a professional-grade projection setup were hugely prohibitive for most projects. However, with the cost of hardware continuously falling and the advancement in laser, bulbless and blending technologies, projection is now a real option for many clients.

Working with the likes of NEC, Epsom, Panasonic and Optoma, we use only the best and most efficient equipment across our projection projects. Ensuring a projector has the appropriate levels of brightness for an environment and warrantied life for its proposed use is key to ensuring a successful and stress-free solution. 

  • Scalable image sizing

  • Bezel-less formats

  • Flexibility in display location

  • Creative and unique appeal

  • Interactive capabilities

​Our projection solutions can be integrated into almost any store or retail layout and have multiple uses including wall, ceiling or floor displays and even as a more organic approach to digital menu boards.


Our projection solutions offer real stand out and visual theatre, and we can even incorporate interactive technologies for a real wow factor.

Like all of our solutions, they’re all backed by our 24/7 remote monitoring and support service and can be integrated with content management platforms for automation and remote management.


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