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interactive customer experience

Maximise the customer experience and streamline processes with interactive media.


For over 15 years, we’ve been creating interactive software solutions to address and improve various processes and customer experiences across a range of sectors.

Interactive applications can provide enriched in-store experiences forming a fully integrated customer journey, joining up the online and offline worlds.

This can be achieved using a range of hardware solutions including kiosks, tablets and plinths in order to address various use cases.

  • Increased transaction speed

  • Bespoke design, user-interfaces, application code and integrations

  • Speed up customer decision making

  • Increase in the speed and efficiency of customer flow

  • 'Endless aisles'

  • Click and collect kiosks

  • Touch screen order points 

  • Multi-touch integration

  • 3d interactive explorer

  • Gamification of retail interaction

Whether it be for in-store use, within the hospitality sector, or part of a smarter workplace, we provide a bespoke service designed to deliver the exact solution that will achieve your individual project goals.



With our dedicated, multi-discipline team of developers, UX designers and QA testers, we're here to deliver a bespoke interactive solution, and like all of our solutions, they’re backed by our 24/7 remote monitoring and support service.

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