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Maximising the power of social media

Social media allows interaction and active endorsement with followers and influencers. It enables brands to instantly get content to a wide audience taking advantage of what will achieve maximum impact and attention at any given time. It is very effective in running campaigns that allow people to get involved in reposts and use campaign hashtags to reach a broader audience and generate more interest and sales.

Bringing social media into your content on large screen formats in stores is an extremely powerful tool of engagement and involvement within the in-store experience. Here are some examples of how you could achieve this with your digital signage screens:

  • Always having fresh content on your screens and the latest products/news on your brand displaying in real-time. Integrating your brand/company Instagram, Facebook or Twitter feed into an attractive display template on your screens enables you to have new content live on your screens. This keeps people in your store updated on what’s new and important and coming soon to fuel attention and engagement whilst in the store.

  • Using social content on screens for events and localised events at specific stores. This can be moderated by your events team and the content can be pulled via your event campaign hashtag. This is a great way of getting instant interaction from your shoppers whilst at the event in-store as they will see their posts live on the screens once the moderator has approved. This content can then also be subsequently be used in a different context post-event to further promote future event bookings if they are invited/sign up events.

  • In areas such as beauty and fashion you could look to select posts from your social to create must-have trends, holiday essentials, summer looks etc.. This can be changed weekly/monthly by the posts you select and tied into a digital template where you can easily change the header text and hashtag to include a call to action to directly engage your viewer.

  • Your new exclusive launches are often started in forms of teasers on social media and by taking this onto your big screens in-store you gain further promotion and attention to a much wider audience and encourage your shoppers to come back into the store for these key launch dates.

  • Share great customer experience and positivity within the store. Everyone loves a positive story and the social media network is a great way of getting that story out and people love sharing positive stories. Bringing engaging customer stories into the store by using a cleverly designed template really helps bring this to life and improve the customer experience in-store. Using real people’s stories is much more powerful as the shopper can easily relate to what they are seeing on the screens.

At Pixel we have all the tools you need to manage and make this happen. We can provide you with our own moderator App which can be installed on any smartphone and allow you full control of your displayed content. We can provide flexible solutions tailored to your business requirements and would be happy to assist you on how this can be best achieved.


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