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Black + White burger

Black and White Burger is a fast food brand created in 2018 by IbraTV famous YouTuber with 4.5 million subscribers.

Black and white stand out with original recipes and black bread to brighten up its burgers; the brand has more than 20 establishments in France and Belgium, with solid growth due to the popularity of the brand and the interest generated by the founder.

the challenge

The challenge was to install digital menu boards for Black & White ensuring the panels had a bezel-less appearance; and dynamic content templates for the menu. The content needed to be driven by centralised price and product availability. And allow each location to manage its content to match its stock availability uniquely.

Our Approach

All equipment was designed to meet the client's budget, while streamlining the ordering and installation process, all with the usual security and three-year warranty. The installations were coordinated with the manager of each restaurant. All equipment was connected to our content management and support systems based on our AWS cloud infrastructure, with our support team providing proactive incident detection and on-site troubleshooting as needed.

The Outcome

Pixel Inspiration takes great pleasure in supporting Black & White Burger in its development, this project has a bright future as the brand identity is vibrant and powerful. Quality content, delivered on well-integrated, high-end digital displays, provides an engaging foundation for powerful communication, all backed by our fully managed remote support team and 24/7 on-site assistance.


If you would like to know more about this project or have your own upcoming digital solutions project, why not get in touch with us today. We’d love to hear from you!

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