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Maximise your retail potential: digital fascias & bay headers

When putting digital to work in your retail or hospitality spaces, it can be tough to know what’s what and how it can benefit your business. Window and wall mounted displays are often an obvious, effective and simple place to start, but integrating displays into store furniture and architecture can bring additional benefits.

Wrapped around entryways, structural supports, corners and integrated into bespoke furniture, these digital display solutions aren’t just one-trick ponies. They provide opportunities to amplify your brand and product messaging in an impactful, unusual manner, catching customers’ attention, helping them make the best purchase decisions, providing merchandising efficiencies and significant retail media opportunities.

Digital fascias

Having the ability to transform the look and feel of your storefront or venue at a moment’s notice.  Enter digital fascias – the dynamic and time-saving alternative to static, light-box based signs. These impressive displays utilise vibrant indoor or outdoor LED technology to create visually stunning storefronts of virtually any shape and size. 

Curved or flat? Indoor or outdoor? Whatever works for you, digital fascias ensure a perfect fit against the architecture of each location, and they can come complete with durable surface protection to resist the day to day impacts, ensuring installations look their best for years to come.

Digital bay headers

In today’s competitive retail environment, every inch of space is valuable. Digital bay headers take often underutilised areas above your gondolas and bays and transform them into powerful communication platforms for branding, promotions, merchandising support and retail media advertising. A variety of technologies can be used to create the perfect fit against your existing store-furniture including stretched (or, more specifically, cut) LCD panels and LED modules. Whatever the technical solution, these types of displays enable real-time updates, targeted communication and the ability to enhance the automation of store operations. 

They also present an opportunity to create new or enhanced revenue streams with in-store retail media, providing the opportunity to leverage existing trading partnerships with endemic brands.

In tandem with the procurement, installation and 24/7 management of your digital fascias and bay headers, our talented Pixel content production team can create Pixel-perfect content and tailored campaigns, configured so that data, branding and messages can be instantly updated at any time. All our content can be reformatted, often automatically,  to fit the different shapes and sizes of your retail or hospitality venue, so you never have to worry about how it looks.

These digital media solutions represent more than just a technological upgrade – they’re game-changers for retail and hospitality businesses looking to make a lasting impression on their customers. So why settle for static signage when you can elevate your brand with the power of digital fascias and bay headers? Get in touch with us to make the switch today and unlock the full potential of your store or venue.


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