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Digital Fascias

Transform your brand presence and engage customers with a dynamic digital shopfront

Create a flexible, eye-catching brand experience and change the look and feel of your storefront or venue at a moment’s notice with digital fascias. Curved or straight, indoor or outdoor, our range of hardware options ensure a perfect fit every time.

  • Grab the attention of passing customers

  • Display a wide range of animated and static content

  • Update content easily and often - just like your website and social feeds

A digital fascia is a surefire way to beckon busy customers in.

Traditional fascias are static, costly to produce, time consuming to install, and wasteful to replace. They quickly become dated and tired and can only showcase a brand name and, perhaps, a few extra details. Instead of beckoning people inside, static fascias can end up detracting from the brand and causing them to move on.

Digital fascias provide a dynamic alternative; an opportunity to stand out with vibrant, versatile digital displays that can be instantly changed - to reflect the seasons, store offers or a multitude of events. Powered by cutting-edge LED technology, that ensures exceptional brightness, clarity and dimensional flexibility, digital fascias make your brand message impossible to miss, whatever the setting.

Our reliable, durable equipment comes with added surface protection to resist multiple impacts, ensuring installations look their best for years to come. 

Our design team can create Pixel-perfect content that adapts to fit the different shapes and sizes of fascia typically found across a retail estate. We host and pre-schedule content for you, so that your fascia is always up to date, even integrating with other systems to offer functionality such as live pricing or weather-based conditional playback. Each installation is uniquely designed to fit your store or venue and can be under-sized if needed, giving you full control over the scope and cost of your fascia project.

What we did for WHSmith

Digital fascias have helped revolutionise WHSmith’s airport travel locations over the last few years and is the latest project in a longstanding partnership since 2012. We created a store of the future installation at Gatwick Airport, including a “goal-post” LED digital fascia that can be instantly updated with exclusive, limited-time deals. This format is rolling out to WHSmith’s UK and international travel locations, helping to attract more customers and solidify the retailer's leading position in the minds of busy shoppers on the move.

The digital signage experts

Pixel is an award-winning provider of high performance digital signage systems. With over 20 years’ experience in the industry, we’re one of the most respected names for digital signage solutions in the retail and hospitality sectors.

Our people are completely focused on ensuring your customers have the most engaging, illuminating and enjoyable experience when they’re with you. We work closely with you to bring your ideas to life, and make sure the final solution does exactly what you want. With dedicated project managers and a nationwide network of service engineers, you can rely on Pixel for the inspiration to take your customer engagement to the next level.

Brands choosing Pixel for their digital fascias


Looking to spruce up your shopfront or venue with a digital fascia? Speak to one of our team today.

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