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Interactive digital display and projection solutions for this contemporary British heritage fashion retailer. 

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Joules is a renowned fashion brand that epitomizes British heritage blended with contemporary style. 

the challenge

In 2021, Pixel began working closely with the Joules Marketing and Project Management teams to incorporate digital signage in a way that is synonymous with this high-quality clothing, accessories, and homeware retailer. The overarching goal of the digital transformation was to modernise the Joules store environment and help customers to have a more relaxed shopping experience through the provision of an interactive floor projection designed to entertain kids while their parents shopped.  

Our Approach

The novel element to this project was the provision of an interactive floor projection, designed to react to a person’s presence through the use of motion detection cameras and interactive software.  This innovative design aimed to captivate children and provide them with entertainment, allowing the adults to focus on their shopping. The interactive projection motion graphics were adjusted seasonally, featuring themes such as kickable fallen leaves, Halloween characters, water scenes, and Christmas snow displays.  

We also supplied and installed large format LCD displays behind each cash desk, with further installations incorporated throughout the stores, all wrapped in an eco-friendly cork casing, synonymous with the sustainable identity of the brand. We also incorporated localised welcome content for each store, enhancing the personalised experience for shoppers at different locations as soon as they stepped through the door. 

Challenges of the project included the considerations for the projector installs. Close attention had to be paid to the measurements of the ceiling to floor heights to install the projector successfully. Too low and it could pose a H&S risk as well as distort the display. Too high and shadowing could ruin the display and its animations. Where ceiling height site constraints couldn’t accommodate the projector being vertically hung, we installed the solution horizontally and used a bespoke mirror rig to direct the display to the desired floor location. 

The Outcome

We installed the solutions at many Joules locations, including those at Centre Parcs resorts and support Joules with our 24/7 remote monitoring and support services, as well as onsite hardware support. Pixel are proud to continue working with Joules, managing the content on the displays, and developing the seasonal interactive projection concepts with our in-house creative teams. 


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