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patient communications

Help your patients to de-stress and find their way around.

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Digital screens can be an invaluable tool for health communicators, offering advice and navigational help to patients unfamiliar with the layout and procedures of the healthcare setting. 

We’ve been working for NHS Trusts and private hospitals for many years now, building up experience working with this unique audience, so we know what we’re doing in this relatively niche environment.


Digital media communications provide a solution that can reduce stress, help processes run smoother and enhance patient experiences.

Our solutions are aimed at patients attending appointments, passing through arears or visiting hospitals and healthcare environments. Offering a varied mix of useful information, these screens are often used to bring some light relief to visitors, with live TV and infotainment being integrated into the play loop such as pop quizzes, news, sport, and weather headlines. 

Wayfinding is also a key element of the work we do across patient communication projects. Trying to navigate your way around a huge medical complex can be a daunting challenge and by offering digital kiosks that allow users to print or download directions to a smartphone, hospitals can simplify this process and reduce stress upon their patients​


Patient communications can satisfy a number of functions including:

  • Health tips

  • Check-in service

  • Café menus

  • Wayfinding

  • Toilet location and availability

  • TV and infotainment IT function

  • Waiting times

  • Consultant locations

  • Patient call-forward notices

No matter what type of content is in play, our NHS clients rely on us to provide the support they need, whether it be our fully managed service, complete with 1st line helpdesk, or simply as a point of contact for escalating their existing internal IT function.


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