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Beauty Overload

Following the launch of Harrod’s first ever H Beauty hall opening in Lakeside last year, the Harrods team have decided to go even bigger with the latest addition in Milton Keynes, which opened in April 2021, just in time for Covid restrictions lifting.

Pixel have supplied digital for 17 different brands within this store, ranging from small counter displays to large format LEDs. There’s nothing we love more than a large scale project to get stuck in to and the thrill of the countdown to launch day!

Each brand had their own unique vision, which Pixel assisted in bringing to life, with some bespoke digital and creative content production, all adding to the customers experience.

All we can say is, Woweee 😍…Harrods certainly know their store design when it comes to showcasing some of the most luxurious and premium brands on the market. Now let’s get shopping!


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