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Digital content is good… but dynamic digital content is better!

Whilst digital content is already eye-catching and interesting to your consumers, it's only when you start to personalise that content based on data, user behaviour, and other outside variables, that things start to become really impressive!

Pixel has a shed-load of experience when it comes to working with brands to help them not only display their messaging clearly to viewers but also display the content intelligently. Using meta-data, API’s and more, we’ve worked with clients to create customised, smart, content which reacts to changing weather conditions, local news reports, and updated traffic conditions, all whilst still allowing our client to show the usual advertised content in between.

Similarly, another of our clients wanted to make it easier for customers to know which staff members were available to assist, to help reduce wait times and create a seamless and customer-friendly experience in-store. Through the use of some clever brains in our development team, a dynamic content template was created to display the store staff, along with the store name and the local weather. This could then be streamlined to show who was available to help by cleverly utilising a file of names and supplied photographs.

This type of content is only the beginning…we like to think big here at Pixel, and we aren’t afraid of a challenge. Data that can be used to trigger dynamic content is effectively limitless. Whether you want to use audience analytics to identify anonymous characteristics of your viewer and trigger a content change, or maybe you want to use augmented reality to change a viewer's perception of their surroundings.

Alternatively, maybe you’re in a high-traffic location with plenty of footfall which would be perfect for a multi-screen takeover, and the opportunity to create an immersive experience never seen before. Whatever you envision, it’s something we at Pixel have the knowledge, the know-how, and the passion to help with.


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