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Great British Summer…

We are all a little obsessed with the weather in the UK. Let’s face it if It's been sunny for three days and it rains tomorrow, someone will say summer is over…

The weather has a big effect on product sales and also effectively marketing to your customers when the weather changes can generate more sales. There is a quote from Andy Street, Former John Lewis Managing Director from 2014 stating “Weather has had a greater effect [on sales] than economic numbers, we’ve known that forever”

The difficulty faced with in-store marketing is how quickly our great British weather can change from a two-day heatwave to a 10c degree drop into a much colder climate.

This is where clever use of dynamic digital signage can really help support your business. Over the years, we have worked with a number of retailers to provide them with a mechanism that allows the promotion of different products or services depending on the temperature and whether it's sunny, rainy, cloudy, or snowing. We then use the geographic coordinates set on each media player to automatically identify the real-time local weather conditions at each store, using APIs from providers such as the Met Office.

This can be extended to Quick Service Restaurants, which can promote ice cold drinks and salads when it’s hot and Coffee/Tea and Soups when the temperature drops.

It allows retailers to quickly respond with BBQs, Padding Pools, and Garden Furniture in the warmer spells and to promote more indoor goods if the weather changes.

The content itself can be either traditional image and video-based or we can provide dynamic templates, the use of which helps to reduce content creation costs over an extended period of time, providing huge efficiency whilst ensuring your playlists remain fresh and relevant to your customers.


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