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How to Choose Your Paint Palette with dulux

Working with our long-term client, Dulux, brought the challenge of bringing the Dulux Heritage brand to life through an interactive in-store experience.

The Dulux Heritage brand was developed in consultation with world-renowned colour Historian and paint analyst Patrick Baty. The collection was underpinned by scientific analysis of historical colours and inspired by periods of historical significance between 1714 and 1939, ensuring every shade felt genuinely timeless. In 2021, Dulux Heritage became a product in its own right.

The user experience and interface had to encapsulate the importance of the new 112 durable colours and help customers understand the difference and value the new Heritage range brings.

Utilising the rich wooden colour swatches Dulux created, we used RFID tags attached to each physical swatch to allow customers rapid access to information on the colours that they prefer.

The RFID tags use a magnetic field to automatically identify and track the objects with the tag attached, the colour swatches. Place the swatch in front of the receiver, which triggers the media player to display the content associated with that specific tag.

This simple swipe against the sensor enables direct viewing of colour range, the discovery of complementary colours, and inspirational room sets.

By using our expertise in the user interface, our in-house developer team ensured the brand consistency by basing the UI on the Dulux website wireframe whilst providing it was fit for purpose in a store environment.

The increased information available to the customer from swiping the swatches has enabled the decorator centres to give more details to the customer, increased the dwell time and a personalised in-store experience.


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