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If a picture is worth a thousand words, then videos must be worth well over a million!

Videos are engaging, captivating, pleasing to the eye and they are much more likely to be viewed by your customers than a simple static image is. When communicating the right message, they can also be an effective way to invoke the interest of your viewers and encourage them to invest more of their time and attention to your business.

With digital technology becoming more and more the norm in all areas of life, the growth of video production services has now become available to many, and it is an area in which Pixel have a whole range of skills and specialities available, to help your business attract the attention and intrigue of the audience. Our in-house design studio is made up of a highly skilled, multi award-winning team full of animators, illustrators, 3D artists, photographers, film-makers and more.

And it is these skills which have been vitally important for one of our more recent projects. Pixel has been working closely with one of our clients to create professional showreel videos, highlighting some of their more recent installs in a number of luxury Beauty halls around the UK. This included the initial pre-production planning and storyboarding, full filming of install and merchandising, post-production editing, and the final touches added to the finished products such as colour corrections, and logo and brand additions.

These videos have gone on to be a huge success having been shared by the client both internally at Global presentations, and also on various social media platforms, having most recently reached over 4.7 million views!

Corporate videos really are an invaluable tool for your business marketing and should no longer be considered as a possibility but should instead be a necessity. They help to create demand and excitement. They can result in increased sales and awareness of your product. They can be used to communicate messages to your own staff or more importantly, to your customers by building their trust, keeping them engaged and providing them with all the relevant information relating to your business.

They are an essential tool both for online success and also for the success of any physical sites which may promote your product. However, they are a marketing asset which requires skill and experience to produce effectively, and for those of you looking, this is something which Pixel can proudly say, we can deliver.


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