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The Race is on for LED!

In the last 12 – 18 months we have seen a huge rise in demand for LED products. Being the data analysts that we are, we knew the market was increasing but I’m not sure even we could predict the expediential rate for demand!

After the last year or so we’ve all experienced Covid restrictions, especially with the majority of retail having to close for a long period of time, it has been so refreshing to see our teams at Pixel storming ahead, producing stunning displays for our clients.

Ranging from dual-sided totems, curved displays wrapped around pillars and even large-scale outdoor displays; IP rated to stand the extremities of the British weather, we have been fortunate enough to showcase many of these across our client portfolio and the finished result speaks for themselves.

We’re also pleased to announce that we can offer rental LED displays, which have become hugely popular for a lot of beauty brands who have temporary counters in beauty halls across the UK.

Whether it’s for a 2-week window display or a 6-week temporary installation, we’ve been working closely with our suppliers to ensure we’ve got the right product available.

So if we’ve not made it clear enough 😉 LED is a fantastic way to bring your brand to life and fill in those tricky spaces that LCD screens can’t. There are so many styles of LED on the market now ranging from transparent, 3D, shelf edges, mini LED, Flexi LED and many more…. So the question is, is it time for your brand to take the leap from LCD to LED?


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