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this is why you need to upgrade your operating system

If you're operating your business on devices that run Windows, then honestly at Pixel, we aren't surprised. After all, Microsoft has long been one of the most dominant names in corporate spaces for years! Ask anyone and most people would say that Windows-based products make it easy for any sized business to not only operate more efficiently but also more securely.

And security is important! Nowadays we are in an age where safety should be at the very forefront of your business operations in order to protect files, apps, front-end and back-end development, and more. All of which, could seriously impact your work and your business if compromised.

It's because of this that Pixel has recently been heavily involved in, and are currently at the final stages of completing a huge rollout which has consisted of upgrading, both remotely and onsite, over 150 independent sites to Windows 10 for one of our clients, all of whom were originally running on the now unsupported Windows 7. Support and updates to Windows software, like with everything is constantly changing and so our client needed to be sure that they were remaining as secure as possible throughout their network. By working with Pixel to upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10, it has allowed our client to not only comply with current GDPR rules and regulations but has also resulted in the benefit of being able to utilise Windows 10 highly robust security offerings.

Through continuous communication both with senior levels of staff and staff onsite themselves, we have been able to provide a seamless and easy transition to Windows 10 for the client's already largely established network which consists of a multitude of commercial-grade media players. By upgrading, we are able to continue to provide first-class content management services and support, whilst allowing our clients to maintain the highest levels of security on their devices.


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