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Utilise your space the right way!

Utilise your space the right way, Morphe certainly do! Pixel are yet again proud to be involved with the latest addition to the Morphe estate at the Cardiff St David’s Centre and we are seriously wowed with the sleekness of this store. I am sure all the #morphebabes are excited to see this one in the flesh.

Boasting a large 5m x 2.5mm LED window display at the front of the store that is suspended above the entrance, is certainly an effective way to engage and attract customers far and wide (literally). And if that isn’t encouragement enough, the display is backed up with another LED display at the far end, behind the cash desk to really entice you in store and discover your beauty favourites.

Oh and let’s not forget the understated audio to enhance the customer's experience, with high quality Bose speaker system installed throughout the store, the staff have the ability to play the latest music hits from Soundtrack Your Brand (Spotify’s Professional Service). For key events throughout the year, there is also the ability for an external DJ system to connect through the speakers to really bring that vibe. Now that’s what we call an Audio Visual Installation.


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