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The benefits of being hands-on with lift and learn technology

Remember when having a mobile phone in your pocket felt like the easiest way to search for information while out shopping for clothes, gadgets or beauty products? Well, it’s even simpler than that now.

With lift and learn, customers just need to pick up a product to find out more. It’s a bit like having a personal shopper right in the palm of your hand. It may feel a little bit sci-fi, but this technology is one of the many interactive customer experiences retailers can use to make shopping as easy and informative as possible for customers.

What is lift and learn technology?

Lift and learn uses a combination of sensors, RFID tags, and clever algorithms to recognise when one or more products are picked up by a customer. Once you've lifted an item, a digital screen nearby lights up with all the extra details a shopper could need, from product specifications and customer reviews to price comparisons and even complimentary product suggestions. It’s a great way to stand out against the competition and make the shopping experience more enjoyable and personalised for your customer.

These installations are highly customisable, allowing retailers to modify the information displayed based on the shopper's location, gender, age-group, time of day or campaign period. But that’s not all. Lift and learn technology has a wide range of benefits for both retailer and customer alike, such as:

  • Reduced staff workload: human interaction is invaluable in retail, but lift and learn installations can take some of the pressure off staff, especially during busy periods.

  • Data-driven insights: retailers can gather data on customer interactions with products, helping them better understand buying patterns and preferences.

  • Reduced decision anxiety: no more second-guessing choices. Lift and learn gives customers the confidence to make better buying decisions.

  • Fun and interactive: it's like being a detective on a treasure hunt, but the treasure is that perfect pair of shoes or the ideal tech gadget.

Take our Kiehl’s lift and learn installation, for example. We combined digital display technology, interactive touch solutions and great point of purchase design to produce a truly outstanding in-store marketing tool. When a customer picks up a display product, the screens all switch from playing ambient or generic product information to content relevant to the chosen product. Smaller satellite screens display relevant information and complimentary animations.

So, the next time you're out shopping, be on the lookout for products that want to tell you their story. And if you’re a company looking to stay ahead in the competitive world of retail, why not consider our lift and learn solutions. We’d love to hear from you.


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