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The world at your fingertips

Carrefour Voyages tasked us with elevating the customer experience at their flagship branch, allowing clients to explore their inventory of holidays in innovative and exciting ways.

One way in which we achieved this was through the creation of a virtual interactive globe for customers to use on a touch screen. We constructed this feature using Google Maps APIs, plotting all of the available holiday destinations and offers on the surface of the 3D animated globe.

Customers and passers-by can interact with the globe using simple touch gestures, spinning and zooming around the planet with complete freedom. Flexibility and choice are key here, customers can filter the types of holiday by style of accommodation, star rating, or theme. The relevant information relating to each holiday is then presented at the endpoint of the user’s journey to take away and begin planning! This solution has worked to support staff and inspire customers in store, it has been so successful that it has since been rolled out across the rest of the store estate.


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