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Content gamification – Is it worth the roll of the dice?

A focal point of our project with Carrefour Voyages was offering unique ways in which to display content and showcase their fantastic holiday offers. After numerous brainstorming sessions at Pixel HQ, we settled on gamification as one of the means of inspiring customers with new holiday ideas.

These ideas were shortlisted through the use of three dice, printed using Pixel’s 3D printer. Each face of the dice featured RFID (Radio-frequency identification) tags, which allowed the sensors to detect the landing side and send this information to the media player driving the display of content. The dice faces related to the type of holiday, star rating, and region of the world on offer – the result is a completely random selection of holidays defined by the 4096 throw combinations.

Customers can of course throw one, or all of the dice to narrow down their search. After a throw is detected by the sensors, a large format touch screen presents matching holiday packages from Carrefour Voyage’s available inventory. This gamification is a neat way of engaging customers with the brand and presenting content in a unique setting.


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