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Smart Buttons: Transforming customer shopping experience

The retail industry has always been about creating enjoyable shopping experiences that will engage customers and encourage them to make a purchase. With ever-increasing competition from store to store, it’s a constant battle to stand out from the crowd. This is where new technology - such as smart buttons - can make all the difference. In this blog, we delve deeper into the world of smart buttons and how they can create simple, effective, and truly engaging retail customer experiences.

What are smart buttons?

Smart buttons are small electronic devices typically linked to a controller module, either

through a wired or wireless connection. When pressed, the buttons can be configured to perform or kick-start all manner of tasks. It could be almost anything, from alerting store employees to a customer’s needs, triggering the display of deeper level product information, to making a help call from a fitting room or even checking on real time product availability. As usual with technology, as clever as it is, it’s more about the creative way in which it is used that really elevates the customer experience.

How else can smart buttons transform shopping and hospitality experiences?

The key thing that makes smart buttons an essential consideration is their low-cost and simplicity. Interactive touch screens can provide very deep and complex user

experiences, but in the majority of cases, they can be overkill and are rarely used by

customers in practice. We think that’s due to the psychological barriers that such devices create in public environments. A smart button’s efficacy comes from the fact that it’s essentially the simplest user interface in the world! One press to create an interaction that’s appropriate to the customer at that point in time.

At Pixel, we’ve used smart buttons in several projects. We have configured them to provide staff with the ability to open or close a customer service desk, automatically adapting the digital signage messaging around the status. In another, we used them to trigger customer call forward messages. We’ve also previously built solutions that use buttons to allow simple interaction with a creative exhibition experience, but the possibilities can be endless. What’s important, is that they’re well integrated into the particular journey they are supporting, so that their function is obvious to all.

Another benefit is that the buttons can provide retailers with invaluable insight into their operations at a local level. With access to information such as what products customers are requesting more information on and when the peak times for various services might be.

As retail continues to evolve, we think smart buttons will play an increasingly visible role in shaping the future and creating unique and truly engaging but simple shopping experiences, helping retail companies stand out from the crowd and win customer loyalty.

If you'd like to speak to us about integrating smart buttons, get in touch!


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