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2D, or not 2D, that is the question

Whilst 2D animations are the bread and butter of digital signage content, 3D is also a great way to add depth to creative, and works well to steal the attention of passers-by. One of our favourite examples of 3D content came to fruition through ‘Black Friday’ celebrations with one of our retail clients in France, the portrait piece in question allowed our designers to showcase their skills across a range of design software. Combining the 3D-modelled balloons with static 2D copy helped to bring depth to the artwork, having the two interact with each-other also sprinkled a little personality in there too!

We took advantage of ‘real-world’ physics plug-ins to simulate the helium carrying the balloons away and we think this works quite nicely to add some realism to the animation. Whilst the piece took centre stage across front-of-store and internal portrait screens, it was successfully repurposed for social channels – earning high engagement rates and positive feedback.


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