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A la Carte Digital Menu Boards

Speed matters in the world of quick-service restaurants. The expectation is for good quality food to be served quickly. Restaurant owners don't need customers taking extended amounts of time over food choices and holding up the queue behind them. Menus can change throughout the day, and current offers must be communicated simply and effectively.

This is where digital menu boards offer the ideal solution, keeping everything moving, customers informed, and everyone more satisfied.

The technology puts you in control, deciding what will be displayed and when. Digital Menu Boards can be updated instantly and reflect the stock available or offers the restaurant wants to push that day. The use of graphics and animation can make food seem more attractive and exciting. There's less confusion. The entire menu does not have to be displayed, making it easier to read and enabling customers to choose more quickly. The wheels to keep turning and waiting times are minimised.

We've been working with quick-service restaurants for over a decade to create and install digital menu boards with real impact. So what have we learned from our experience with the likes of Harry Ramsden, Pret, Chopstix, and Barburrito? We'd suggest the following for starters:

Don't be Flash

Viewers are already likely to be focused on your menu boards as they help them to make an accurate and informed purchase. Flashy animations and attention-grabbing designs can actually distract and slow down the decision-making process. Keep animation and vibrant transitions to a minimum. However, do try to use movement to direct attention to specific items.

Get the taste buds tingling.

Research shows that imagery of good food gets us salivating and enhances the brain's pleasure detection zones. That means customers are more likely to spend money. This effect is enhanced when using moving images. The obvious conclusion: try to show videos of your food rather than just pictures.

Don't Think Of A Number.

Research has shown that the pain associated with buying things is lessened when the price is presented in words (e.g. ten pounds) rather than numbers and symbols (e.g. £10). People are proven to spend more on a meal when the first approach is taken. Where possible, remove the currency and the digits when displaying your prices.

Stop Interrupting

It can be infuriating for customers when a digital menu board changes just as they're deciding what to eat. Not only is it annoying, but it slows down the entire service process. There is no issue with adverts playing out across another part of the menu board; it should never take over the main menu.

Of course, there's much more to an a la carte menu board than these four tips. If you want to find out how you can use technology to speed up operations and improve profits, contact the experts at


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